About Autism

Autism is a spectrum disorder. Within this spectrum symptoms and characteristics present themselves in a wide variety of ways, ranging from mild to severe.

While the understanding of autism has grown tremendously since it was first diagnosed in 1943, most people are still unaware of how autism affects those who’ve been diagnosed. Contrary to popular misconceptions those diagnosed with autism are capable of making eye contact, showing affection, smiling , laughing and can demonstrate a variety of other functions that indicate higher brain functionality with varying degrees.

Some children with autism may have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling because of their hindered ability to understand social cues, such as tone of voice or facial expressions.

There has been increased research on the cause of autism; however, no definitive cause has been determined. Whether genetic or environmental, children with autism may display high levels of abilities in certain areas of particular interest. This special category of autistic individuals are referred to as savants. Ricardo is one of an increasingly scarce population of savants who exhibit above average musical intelligence. The key to success for these individuals is to be given the encouragement and support to cultivate those special abilities.